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“Bring Me Your Midnight ePUB” by the New York Times bestselling author, a captivating romantic fantasy, delves into the story of Tana Fairchild, whose predestined life takes an unforeseen turn. Set in a world where alliances between island witches and mainlanders are essential, Tana’s missed ritual jeopardizes everything. Enter Wolfe, a practitioner of forbidden dark magic, the only hope to salvage her coven’s control over the sea’s currents. As Tana navigates the intricate web of duty and desire, she’s torn between her promised path of marrying Landon for the greater good and the allure of Wolfe’s empowering magic.

With a brewing sea tempest and a fragile alliance at stake, Tana faces an agonizing choice that could alter not only her fate but the destiny of her entire island.

Book NameBring Me Your Midnight
AuthorRachel Griffin
GenresFantasy Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, Free Kindle

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