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In “Heatwave A.D. Ellis ePUB,” Avery Kirk returns to his quaint hometown with dreams of pursuing a career as a dietician, content with his life but secretly longing for a more exciting dating scene. Meanwhile, Grant Nelson, a musician facing a significant career setback and searching for a newfound family connection, finds himself far from his bustling city life. Their paths cross under the scorching heat of a record-breaking summer, thanks to a small wet dog and the rekindling of long-lost love. Initially, their connection is casual, a product of their temporary situation, but as emotions intensify, decisions grow more complex. Love emerges where neither man expected it, and fate’s hand seems to be at play.

“Heatwave” is a passionate, small-town, age-gap, forced proximity M/M romance, featuring a plant-loving dietician and a musician navigating life’s changes. With the addition of endearing family dynamics, a mysterious canine companion, and unexpected foot-related intrigue, this addictive and emotionally charged male/male romance promises a satisfying journey of love and self-discovery.

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