The Suspicious Mate (Cincinnati Shifters, #6) by B.A. Stretke eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “The Suspicious Mate ePUB,” we follow the journey of Kallan Temple, a newcomer to Cincinnati in search of a fresh start after a lifetime in Dickinson, North Dakota. Guided by his cousin Mac, he’s convinced this is the place for a new beginning.

However, a poorly timed encounter with Noa, a man Mac thought Kallan would hit it off with, leaves Kallan with a less-than-favorable impression. Little does he know that Fate has its own plans, and the man he initially considers ill-mannered and unlikable will ultimately become his protector and lifelong love.

Noa Benson, a bear shifter and the gatekeeper at Club Zephyr, has a discerning taste in both clientele and romantic interests. He’s unapologetically selective and rarely offers apologies. When he crosses paths with Kallan, he’s captivated by the man’s striking beauty but struggles to mend the rift he inadvertently created. Fortunately, fate has an uncanny way of uniting even the most skeptical of mates.

In this M M Romance, the story explores how first impressions can be deceiving, leading to a tale of love, destiny, and the unexpected connection between two individuals in the vibrant backdrop of Cincinnati.

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