Think He Knows (Donovan Family Book 2) by Katie Bailey eBook free download in ePUB & PDF formats or read online in your browser.

“I was captivated by Carter James Callahan’s witty smirk long before it earned the title of ‘The Sexiest Smile In Hollywood.’ His broad, muscular shoulders and striking blue eyes only added to his allure. However, I’ve decided to suppress these feelings, as I’m well aware that I’m firmly planted in the friend zone.

To move on from my infatuation, I’ve taken on a mission to date others and relinquish my hopeless crush on my best friend. Deep down, I know it’s for the best because our lives are vastly different: I’m a single mom with a relaxed wardrobe, while he’s a popular celebrity who avoids commitments.

Imagine my astonishment when the media reveals that Carter is getting married, and the most unexpected twist occurs—the mysterious fiancée is none other than me!

“I Think He Knows” is a hilarious, heartwarming, closed-door romantic comedy filled with mild language, suggestive humor, and plenty of chemistry and tension, but no explicit scenes.”

Book NameI Think He Knows
AuthorKatie Bailey
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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