Just Don’t Fall (Sweater Weather #1) by Emma St. Clair eBook free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

In “Just Don’t Fall ePUB,” we are introduced to the story of Logan Barnes, once known as hockey’s charismatic bad boy, who also happened to be the best friend of the narrator’s brother and her first teenage crush. However, Logan disappeared from her life, leaving behind a broken heart. Now, he’s reluctantly back in Harvest Hollow due to an injury and some negative press, forced to play for their minor league team. This twist of fate means that they’ll be working closely together as the narrator is the social media manager for the hockey team, responsible for creating TikTok videos featuring the players. Yet, Logan proves to be a challenge to wrangle, just as the emotions the narrator thought were buried resurface.

As circumstances lead to Logan becoming her fake boyfriend, the line between real and pretend blurs, sparking intense emotions. However, doubts linger as the narrator knows Logan’s return isn’t permanent, and she’s uncertain if her heart can handle the inevitable goodbye.

“Just Don’t Fall” offers a heartwarming small-town hockey romcom filled with fake dating and brother’s best friend dynamics, delivering sizzling chemistry and relatable characters without explicit spice, making it the ideal choice for sports romance enthusiasts seeking a lower heat level.

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