Soul of a Witch (Souls Trilogy, Book #3) by Harley Laroux free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

“Soul of a Witch ePUB” delves into the captivating story of Everly, a young woman whose life has been shackled by the expectations of her religious upbringing and the suppression of her magical abilities. When a gruesome murder leads her to an enigmatic house filled with ancient magic and an even more powerful demon, her world takes a dramatic turn. This unearthly being reveals that her powers can reshape reality itself, offering her a chance to confront the malevolent entity she once revered. However, the path to redemption is fraught with uncertainty and peril.

On the other side of this mystical tale is Callum, who has spent millennia in solitude, hunting fallen deities and seeking the elusive witch from his dreams. Now that he has found Everly, his determination to protect her knows no bounds. As the fate of multiple realms hangs in the balance, their love becomes a pivotal force in the battle between Earth, Heaven, and Hell. Callum is willing to sacrifice everything, even the world itself, to keep Everly by his side.

“Soul of a Witch,” the third installment in the Souls Trilogy, weaves a complex narrative that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the clash between supernatural forces. It is a story that unfolds in a world filled with sexual intrigue, dark elements of horror, and a mesmerizing blend of magic, making it a compelling addition to this interconnected series set in the mystical realm of Abelaum.

Readers are advised to check the book preview for complete content warnings due to its explicit and diverse themes.

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