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“Pucking Wild pdf” follows the tumultuous life of Tess Owens, whose world is thrown into chaos after a seemingly innocent dance at her friend’s wedding sparks a series of events that threaten to engulf her existence. Fleeing from her troubles, Tess finds solace in the company of NHL hockey players, specifically Ryan Langley, a talented player with a surprising proposition. As they navigate their differences, including a ten-year age gap, Tess and Ryan are drawn together by an irresistible attraction that defies societal norms. In a story of self-discovery, facing fears, and embracing unconventional love, “Pucking Wild” explores the notion that age is merely a number, and that two souls, despite their dissimilar pasts, can create an intense and genuine connection. This spicy romance novel not only delves into the dynamics of an age-gap relationship but also celebrates positive representations of plus-size and bisexual characters, all set against the backdrop of the exhilarating world of professional hockey.

Book NamePucking Wild
AuthorEmily Rath
File TypePDF, ePUB, Audiobook, eBook

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