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In “Slade J. Akridge ePUB,” Brooke, a single mother intent on a life focused solely on her son, has her world unexpectedly reshaped after a single night out. This night leads to an unexpected connection with a man who, little does she know, also happens to be the one aiding her son daily with his homework through calls to the local police station. Slade, a dedicated protector of their small town, had resolved to remain a bachelor after a painful breakup that became town gossip. However, fate intervenes as he meets Brooke during that fateful night out. As their connection deepens, they are faced with the challenge of dealing with Brooke’s resentful ex, all while Slade is committed to ensuring the safety of both Brooke and her son.

This 284-page paperback novel explores themes of love, protection, and the unexpected ways life can change in a small town, promising a captivating narrative that will keep you engrossed until the very end.

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