The Elysean Trials (The Holy Bloodlines Book 1) by D.N. Hoxa free download in ePUB/PDF formats or read online in your browser with kindle unlimited ($0.00) for free.

Welcome to the enchanting Elysean city of Idaea, where magic permeates the very air and its wielders are revered as gods. In this gripping 564-page fantasy novel, ‘The Elysean Trials ePUB,’ author D.N. Hoxa, transports readers to a world where the descendants of the Olympian gods reside. Sera Sinclair, a skeptic of Elysean deities, is unexpectedly thrust into the heart of their mysterious realm when chosen by a peculiar crystal-eyed bird during the perilous Elysean Trials. Reluctantly, she must navigate treacherous challenges and coexist with Elyseans, including Shade, a formidable figure from Hades’s bloodline. As their initial animosity evolves into an improbable friendship and more, secrets unravel, and nothing in the opulent Palace is as it appears. Amidst the Trials, Sera’s heart becomes as vulnerable as her life.

This Kindle Edition, published on September 12, 2023, promises a spellbinding tale of magic, love, and the unexpected in a world where gods and mortals collide.

Please note that this book contains explicit romantic scenes.

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