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In the enchanting novel ‘The Name Drop ePUB,’ the author Susan Lee weaves a captivating tale of mistaken identities, a transformative summer, and a love worth risking it all for. As the story unfolds, readers are introduced to Elijah Ri, who arrives in the bustling city of New York for a seemingly prestigious internship at his father’s tech conglomerate, Haneul Corporation. Expecting a red carpet treatment befitting his future CEO status, Elijah is instead thrust into a cramped apartment shared with overworked, unpaid interns. In contrast, Jessica Lee, also an intern at Haneul Corporation, is stunned to find herself introduced as an executive-in-training with a luxurious brownstone at her disposal. Unbeknownst to them, their fates are intertwined by a shared Korean name. However, rather than rectify the situation, Elijah and Jessica choose to swap identities, each seeking respite from their respective pressures. As they navigate this charade, a burgeoning connection blossoms between them, and they must navigate a delicate balance to protect their secrets, their feelings, and their futures.

With elements of romance, young adult coming-of-age, and contemporary fiction, this 304-page hardcover promises a heartwarming and compelling narrative that explores the transformative power of love amidst the backdrop of a high-stakes summer internship.

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